As a part of the online promotion of The Conjuring 2 - Warner Brothers ordered a web application that records your voice and plays it back as part of one of the movie trailers.

The creative idea was to make the voice sound really scary and blend it into the trailer, as if the demon spoke it.

Fun fact - we initially built the project to support prank calls. You could record a message, enter your friend’s (or enemie’s!) phone number and our system would call them and play the message with the voice distorted to make it sound as a demon would say it! Unfortunately - WB’s legal department cut this out of the project.


The app was built using:


for the interactive web application


for prank calls


ffmpeg for voice altering and final video mixing


for compute and file storage


As always, when working on creative projects - the biggest challenge was the time and ever-changing scope. There were lots of changes coming in from the client, and many additional tasks we had to cope with, e.g. translations, . In the end - we successfully delivered the page and it was integrated with several other apps during the period when The Conjuring 2 hit the cinemas.

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