AWS projects & support


Enterprises and teams that choose to migrate their projects to the cloud are often facing a new set of problems, unseen when operating traiditional infrastructure.


CodeWave's Simply Scale team helps our clients migrate to the cloud and utilize its full potential. With broad knowledge of AWS services, their pricing models and limitations - our engineers are equipped to advise on best solutions for your bussiness.




Serverless computing is one of the new trends in cloud-based technologies, companies can stop worrying about running servers, virtual machines or even containers and can run their applications on-demand. This is an ideal solution for ad-hoc, asynchronous tasks, that are part of many web-based systems. 


In one of our recent projects we helped Flotiq - a team behind a new genre of Content Management Systems - to bake-in DevSecOps into their CI/CD pipeline. 

Machine Learning


AWS cloud provides the opportunity to build and train ML models extremely fast. That, in turn, allows teams to iterate with their models rapidly and increase their go-to-market speed greatly.


Learn how CodeWave helped Bioavlee to build and deploy a Deep Neural Network that recognizes bacteria species based on 3TB of images.

We love talking to our clients and potential clients. Feel free to schedule a call with us and tell us about your problems - we'll try to help!

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