Tailored web-based
systems and mobile apps

For some clients and projects - one size fits all does not work. Adapting generally available tools like Sitecore, Wordpress or Magento will often make things a lot more complicated than it seems and forces the Client to adapt their needs and processes to the tool at hand.

Modular platform

We believe, and so do our partnering Agencies, that taking a bottom-up approach works best and instead of modifying existing, bloated solutions - we use prefabricated components and assemble them into systems tailored to the Client’s needs.


For all of our projects we offer tailored SLAs to
meet Client’s expectations and ensure great enduser experience.

Recent examples:

  • Multilingual and WCAG compliant Content Management System and scalable website for California’s Public Utility Commision’s,
  • Voice-enabled CRM software for Call Centers,
  • Advanced website builder platform with drag & drop and WYSIWYG interface.




Business requirement analysis

CRM systems

E-mail marketing solutions

Good marketing demands a good message.  But it's not only about what we communicate but also how we communicate.   Our visual responsive e-mail builder helps agencies create their messages in the best possible visual form. 

Content Management Systems

Codewave understands that best quality, fast performance, high-security standard, and reliability is a must in the creative business.  That is why we use our own Content Management Platform to deliver great experience solution for most of our projects. 

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