Cloud platform support

The cloud is not just a buzzword anymore and we understand that. Cloud computing fits perfectly into the performance and scalability lens that CodeWave applies to every project.


According to recent Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) report, Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure platforms cover over 70% of the market (41.5% and 29.4% respectively). 

Certified partner 


We're certified partners of AWS and Microsoft Azure, our SRE's (Site Reliability Engineers) and DevOps specialists make sure that our client's cloud-based infrastructure operates smoothly and cost-effectively.




Site Reliability Engineers, Kubernetes administrators, DevOps specialists

We create scalable and resilient application architectures based on AWS or Azure cloud solutions. We audit and optimize existing solutions in order to keep them operating smoothly and cost-effectively. Our certified administrators operate AWS, Azure, Kubernetes or plain-old Linux servers every day.

We love talking to our clients and potential clients. Feel free to schedule a call with us and tell us about your problems - we'll try to help!

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