Cloud-Native Architecture

Cloud-Native Architecture


Cloud providers give us the ability not only to create scalable solutions on their data centres, but they also give us tools to create new applications with a completely new approach. You can use those tools to minimize the costs of ownership. 

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Serverless Architecture

With our help, you can become an owner of architecture, which is completely free of server maintenance.


We utilize serverless functions, cloud file and data storage, and serverless API solutions to build applications that are native to the selected cloud provider.  We will help you choose the best cloud provider for your needs.

Which applications fit serverless mode the best?

  • Content Management Systems, especially Headless CMS-es
  • Static and dynamic websites
  • Extended web services (e.g. marketplaces, advertisement systems)
  • Automated internal processes (e.g. Feedback analysis systems, CI/CD pipelines, chatbots)

Why going for serverless architecture?

  • You don't need to provision your infrastructure
  • You don't need to pay for unused resources
  • You get both proofs of concept and final product faster
  • You get built-in scalability for fast-growing applications
  • Your Total Cost of Ownership is reduced to a minimum. In some cases, it might even end up being next to none!
  • Need help architecting cloud-native solutions?
  • Want to know what serverless mean or how to become serverless?
  • Need an experienced team to build cloud solutions?

We love talking to our clients and potential clients. Feel free to schedule a call with us and tell us about your problems - we'll try to help!

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