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Are you a creative agency on the lookout for a tech partner? You find it hard to find a trusted, responsible partner? We're happy that you've found us. We are a partner for several agencies who share our beliefs and focus on extreme quality of their service and delivering mind-blowing experience for their clients. Make sure to scroll down to see both our references and the cornerstones of our successful cooperation with creative agencies.


We provide estimates for our partners to work on their budgets, both quick ball-park and thorough detailed estimates. It's not easy to change the figures once you laid your offer on the table, so it's our priority you know exactly what's included in the price.


We're always honest, so we can give you full insight into every detail of our development process. Source-code access, bugtracker / project management software, timesheets, team chat. We build great products through close relations and candor is the fundament for that. Your accounts and project managers will love that.

Heat and fame

How many times have you taken the heat for somebody else? Be it a late project, missed expectations, important bug revealed too late, anything. It's in our culture to share your pain in case things went south and we predict and prevent any issues as much as you do. We'll share the heat, but you can take all the fame.

It's all about speed

Our experience working as a partner for the biggest clients has taught us many things. Most importantly - the bigger the client, the faster we need to deliver and the longer the decision process. So we built and optimised several tools and processes so our friends working as accounts and PMs have direct access to developers, architects, project status information etc. Just like we shared an office.

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We're a software house based in Wroclaw, Poland providing dedicated development teams and rock-solid support for your business.